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Second Sermon in the EPIC Series “Noah”

A quick Google search of the greatest disasters of all time yields a list of things such as; a typhoon in Hong Kong, a landslide in Peru, a tsunami in Japan, a volcano in Indonesia, an earthquake in China, a cyclone in Bangladesh, a drought in Africa, a flood in China, a hurricane in Bangladesh,…


New Series Entitled “Epic” explores the great stories of the Bible.

This Sunday we begin a new series for the Fall season called “Epic”.  In this series we will explore some of the great stories found in the Old Testament and discover the powerful lessons woven into the narratives.  Often the Old Testament is ignored, believed to be unimportant in the scheme of things. However Jesus…


Final Message in the “You asked for it series” Staying on tune.

   Long ago, musicians noted that errand boys in a certain part of London all whistled out of tune as they went about their work. After much discussion someone suggested that it was because the bells of Westminster were slightly out of tune. Something had gone wrong with the chimes and they were discordant. The…

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